outubro 26, 2010

Letras impressionantes (5)

I don't need no license
To sign on no line
And I don't need no preacher
To tell me you're mine
I don't need no diamonds
I don't need no new bride
I just need you, baby
To look me in the eye

I know they have a hard time
And your Daddy don't approve
But I don't need your Daddy
Telling us what we should do

Now there's a million questions
I could ask about our lives
But I only need one answer
To get me through the night

So baby, can you tell me just where we fit in
I call it love they call it living in sin
Is it you and me or just this world we live in
I say we're living on love they say we're living in sin

Bon Jovi - Living in sin

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